Sept 30th

Today we are 4 weeks to the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon. I am sitting here thinking about how much I love training for Boston with running those long runs in the winter months. To me this summer has been brutally hot and I feel like I have constantly struggled with heat. There is no good time of day to run.
This week has had a renewed motivation for running. The cool mornings and the upper 70’s late in the day have been ideal. This week I have taken the opportunity to run from my house to the gym and then do some strength training, stretching and core exercises.
Back in May I had a torn tendon in my elbow repaired in anticipation for Boston 2013. I have successfully healed and have gotten clearance to push Kayla in her marathon chair. For those of you wondering, Kayla and the chair weigh as much as me. So in my mind the upper body and core strength are going to get alot more focus than the actual mileage. I can and have run several marathons, but I have never run a marathon pushing my body weight. I am happy that Smuttynose is a very flat course and that I will use the cold winter months to train on the hills with the marathon chair and 100 pounds of sand (aka Kayla).
Have a great Labor Day weekend.
Kris and Kayla



  1. Alan Bernstein · · Reply

    There’s a lot to be said about attitude, Kris. Stay positive. You can do this!!!

  2. Virginia Martin · · Reply

    Can’t wait to see the “K Girls” in action. AJ is training, slow going since July when he had a minor surgery, he went to camp mid August and could not train that week, but back up to 6 miles (in a newer chair) and hoping to do 8-10 tomorrow. Thanks for suggesting this race.

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