The Final Countdown to Race Day!

ImageEleven days and counting until the big race! We’re in the excitement mode now, all real training is done. We have been working on fundraising our goal is $26,000.  That works out to be $1,000 for every mile I push Kayla. We are roughly $12,000 away!! 

Also we have been working on preparing Kayla’s chair for any unwanted weather, our perfect day would be 60 degrees and overcast to keep both Kayla and me happy. The last marathon we ran it poured, I came down with a cold and Kayla, pneumonia. We don’t want that again!  Her chair has also been to the shop, it has been tuned up and is ready to roll.

This week we have been in the Boston Globe and also have an article in Runner’s World magazine for the month of May. We are elated to be in both of these amazing articles placing us beside the world’s elite runners. 

Our starting time for the marathon is 9:17 a.m….and for 15 minutes we will be leading the pack…ahead of the elite women by 15 minutes and the elite men by 45 minutes! Not many people can say that! GO K GIRLS! 

See you on race day!

Help us help children receiving care at Boston Children’s Hospital:


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  1. Dan Picard · · Reply

    Best of luck as you start the race!!! Stay focused and strong!!! See you in Boston!!!


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